What is BluCop and how does it work?

Basically BluCop is a dirt cheap radio controlled portable theft detection solution.

More precisely BluCop is a mobile software that can be executed on most of the Bluetooth capable cell phones (see BluCop requirements at the bottom of the page for further details of supported devices). BluCop uses the communication cost free Bluetooth technology to periodically check the availability of previously selected Bluetooth devices - so called markers - in the surrounding area. BluCop raises the alarm if it does not receive a life sign response of the currently checked marker within a configurable time. As Bluetooth is a short range communication technology, the alert is issued whenever the checked marker gets too far from BluCop. This distance is depending on your mobile, the selected Bluetooth device and the environment. Actually it is between 3 feet (1m) and 100 feet (30m). This means that if your BluCop protected property is stolen or left somewhere, you will be notified almost immediately.

BluCop features

  • Discovery of BluCop markers (=Bluetooth enabled devices) in the surrounding area
  • BluCop configuration options for individual BluCop markers
    • Assign a name to a marker
    • Assign an alarm type (select voice and/or vibration) to a marker
    • Arm or disarm the guarding of a marker
    • Configure sensitivity by means of timeout values
  • Start/stop guarding of multiple markers with a single action
  • Send BluCop to your friend over Bluetooth easily
  • Free trial possibility via Trial Activation
  • Switch to permanent version without reinstallation (see purchase permanent BluCop activation key)
  • Continuous overview of current guarding status

BluCop requiremens

There are more than a hundred phone types that are able to execute BluCop. Nevertheless, our limited development, testing and financial capacity allowed us to check BluCop on a few models only. This is one of the reasons why we offer you a free trial possibility, so you can check whether BluCop runs on your particular device for free.
You can find the list of devices already tested with BluCop by HappstoR on the official BluCop documentation page.
Another option is to check BluCop compatibility forum for your mobile.
Nevertheless, if you have a mobile device that supports Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 with JSR-82 (Bluetooth API) then you have a good chance to get BluCop running on it. By the way, any feedback is appreciated on negative or positive experience with different devices.