Download and Install BluCop

There are different ways to get BluCop running on your device.
Please, check below which method fits the best in your case.
  • QR code for BluCop.jar Use your mobile to download BluCop directly from our WEB site
    If you have a smartphone with WiFi connectivity or you do not mind a bit of Internet connection through your GSM provider (Warning: GSM providers often charge incomprehensibly high cost for mobile Internet connection), then choose the easiest way to get BluCop:
    1. Visit this WEB page directly from your mobile (
    2. Press the download button to initiate the download process
    3. Unless your mobile has already saved or installed BluCop, save the downloaded BluCop.jar file to a location where you will find it.

  • Use an Internet connected computer to download BluCop then transfer it to your mobile
    Get the application
    1. Visit this WEB page (
    2. Press the download button to initiate the download process
    3. Save the downloaded BluCop.jar file to a location where you will find it.
    Transfer the application
    • If you computer has a Bluetooth module then transfer the BluCop.jar file to your mobile over Bluetooth (see the popup/right click menu when BluCop.jar is selected)
    • If you read e-mails on your mobile, then
      1. Attach the BluCop.jar file to an e-mail and send it to the mailbox that you can access from your mobile
      2. Download the e-mail by your mobile and save or open the attached BluCop.jar file
    • Use a data cable for file transfer
      1. Connect your mobile to the PC via an appropriate data cable
      2. Use the device specific software tool (e.g. Nokia PC Suite for some older Nokia phones) to transfer BluCop.jar to your mobile
        In this case you may also need the BluCop.jad file that you can download from here:

  • Get BluCop over Bluetooth
    • If you have received BluCop as a Bluetooth message, then open the message and the application gets installed.
    • If you have received BluCop as a file then your mobile has already stored it somewhere in the file system of your device (e.g. downloads, others, ...)

Install BluCop on your mobile
Once you managed to transfer BluCop.jar to your mobile you need to open it to get it started or installed. If you do not know the location of the transferred BluCop.jar file then the File Manager or Gallery can be a good starting point for file seeking. Some mobiles does install the application when you open the BluCop.jar file, others simply start it without any installation process. During installation you may get a warning about that the origin of the installed software is not reliable. Just ignore this notification and let your device continue the installation process. The reason of this message is the missing digital signature of the application. We were thinking about to get our applications signed by JavaVerified but the process and its costs are not proportional with the benefit, additionally such signatures cause unexpected restrictions in some cases.
Unfortunately there are some phones, which does not enable to start or install applications received over Bluetooth or via other file transfer methods. In such case you will need a data cable and a phone specific utility (e.g. Nokia PC Suite for some older Nokia phones) to accomplish the installation process.

We appreciate any feedback on successful or unsuccessful installations on different phone types.

Upgrading BluCop

Upgrading BluCop is free of charge, nevertheless we reserve the right to change our upgrading policy in the future without prior notification.
In order to upgrade your BluCop version to the most recent one, you need to download and install the new version and either preserve application settings during installation or reenter your permanent license activation key. If you have lost your permanent license activation key, do not hesitate to contact us with your instance identifier. We can lookup in our database your original permanent license activation key and send it to you again.

BluCop Version History

BluCop V1.1.21 (15th March 2011)
Trial activation after expiration results a corresponding notification message to the user.
BluCop V1.1.20 (1st March 2011)
Online activation possibility added: you need to press the Activate button without entering the Activation Key to activate BluCop automatically over Internet.
BluCop V1.1.17 (12nd February 2011)
Minor improvement by removing the information icon from the alert that is displayed at exiting to be able to display the message in one part on phones with small display.
BluCop V1.1.16 (6th February 2011)
Phone compatibility bugfix and improved convenience.
  • Broken phone compatibility resolved by manifest and jad corrections, so e.g. Nokia N73 is supported again (sorry, we have just recognized the problem)
  • Guarding starts automatically when the Guard marker checkbox gets checked in on the settings panel
  • Guarding stops automatically if the last guarded marker is deleted
  • Help updated according to the shortened menu item names
BluCop V1.1.12 (30th January 2011)
Bugfix and improvements.
  • Guarding is automatically started when a new marker has been added
  • Bugfix: the default alarm for new markers did not play on some phones
  • Start/Stop Guarding label and command name shortened to Start/Stop to be fully visible on all phones
  • User is adviced to add a marker when tries to start guarding without a marker
BluCop V1.1.10 (24th January 2011)
Minor improvements
  • Add New Marker shows friendly names immediately if phone supports it
  • The title of the Add New Marker screen shows if marker searching is in progress
  • A marker name is displayed only once on the lost markers list, even if more alerts occured since the list has been displayed
BluCop V1.1.9 (16th January 2011)
Minor bugfixes, like ring alarm can be heard 4 times at each corresponding alert not only for the first time.
BluCop V1.1.8 (10th January 2011)
Bugfixing and minor improvements.
  • Verbose and quicker exiting, especially during unavailable marker checking.
  • Marker loss voice indication does not stop playing when the corresponding alert is shown e.g. on Nokia 6288.
  • BlueSpread v0.8 integrated, which includes better error handling during BluCop transmission.
BluCop V1.1.4 (2nd January 2011)
Bugfixing and minor improvements.
  • Guarding cannot be started if no marker is selected.
  • Some texts are shortened or removed to fit to smaller screens. EULA is shortened and displayment is enhanced for supporting slower phones.
  • Few sentences were added to the help page to give an overview of the product.
BluCop V1.1.3 (25th December 2010)
Bugfixing and minor improvements.
  • Correct operation on more phones (e.g. Sony Ericsson Elm and Nokia 6288).
  • Robust marker deletion. The deletion of currently checked device works properly.
BluCop V1.1 (21st December 2010)
  1. Bluespread technology added to make it easier to share BluCop with your friends. This means that if your mobile supports the Bluetooth OBEX Object Push Profile from Java, then a new menu item appears in the main menu of BluCop. The new menu item is called Share over Bluetooth and makes it possible to send BluCop to your friend's device over Bluetooth.
    • Your firend will need to visit our website to activate his BluCop.
    • Not all BluCop capable phones are able to install Java applications received over Bluetooth, in such a case the transferred software cannot be started/installed.
    • Not all phones are able to receive applications via Bluetooth OBEX Object Push Profile.
  2. Scanning frequency limited to one round of marker queries per second to save energy.
BluCop V1.0 (12th December 2010)
Initial version.