Wallet and key guarding with BluCop

BluCop can keep an eye on your wallet or key and alert you when you loose them.

In order to configure this kind of alert you will need an additional small bluetooth device, preferably a cheap headset. The headset has to be registered at BluCop (see the steps below) and bond to your key ring or placed into your wallet. You need to turn the headset on, start BluCop and configure guarding in order to secure your key or wallet. Once its done BluCop will warn you whenever BluCop gets too far from your wallet or key regardless if it has been stolen or lost.

According to the same concept you can protect your handbag or suitcase by placing the guarded headset or another Bluetooth device into them.

Register a Bluetooth headset marker at BluCop

  1. Start BluCop on your mobile
  2. Make your headset discoverable

    1. Turn off your Bluetooth headset

    2. Press the button on your headset

    3. Keep it pressed until the light becomes continuous

    4. Release the button
  3. Select the Add New Marker menu item of BluCop
  4. Select your Bluetooth headset in the list of found devices and add it to the marker list by choosing the Add action

Important: DO NOT CONNECT ANY MOBILE WITH THE HEADSET THAT YOU USE AS A MARKER, otherwise you will receive false alarms. If the headset is already paired then you can disconnect and/or disable it through the menu system of your mobile without turning off the Bluetooth module of the BluCop device.

Bind Bluetooth headset to a keyring

1. Preferred headsets have a loop on their ear cushion
(E.g. Samsung WEP185)

2. Remove the ear cushion from the headset

3. Put the ear cushion onto the keyring

4. Attach the ear cushion to the headset

Protect your wallet with BluCop

1. Take a small Bluetooth headset

2. Put the Bluetooth headset into the coin compartment of your wallet

3. The headset need to be turned on and registered at BluCop for theft detection

4. Start BluCop and enable wallet defense